Upcoming Shows & Events

Every year, we travel to multiple trade shows and home and garden shows all around Oklahoma to showcase our furniture and to answer your questions about materials, options and prices. See below for details on our upcoming events, and don't forget to mark your calendar to come try out our furniture!

All of the pieces we bring to the shows are for sale directly out of the booth and we can deliver your purchase to your home at the end of the event. Since we can't bring everything with us, we also take orders for any other pieces you need. Or, if you're just curious and would like to think about it later at home, you can pick up one of our catalogs.

If you found us at a recent show and would like to see more of our furniture in person, you can always come check out our showrooms in Paden, Oklahoma and Shawnee, Oklahoma. Or, you can reach us by phone at (405) 221-0106 or by using our contact form.