About Poly

Discover "Green" Poly Furniture

 Withstands sand and salt water

 U.V stabilized to prevent fading from sunshine

 Will not promote bacterial growth or mildew


 All stainless steel hardware

 Will not crack, split, rot or splinter

 Unharmed by snow and rain, year after year

 Never needs painting or staining


What Is Poly?

Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, poly furniture offers many advantages over other outdoor furniture. First of all, it’s ecologically responsible: using polyethylene plastic comonly used in milk jugs and detergent containers, keeps them out of landfills and saves trees. Second, the manufacturing process itself is green. Our furniture is made entirely from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the safest plastic to use in making poly furniture. Some manufacturers use polystyrene, which is known to produce harmful byproducts in the manufacturing process. Finally, going green results in furniture that is much more durable than wood, wicker, or metal. UV stabilized, it won’t rot, warp, crack, splinter, fade or support bacterial growth. It resists damage from fuels, insects, fungi and salt spray. It never needs repainting. It’s easy to clean, and when washed regularly, will look virtually new many years from now!
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Poly furniture is practically maintenance-free! To maintain the beauty of your furniture, clean it regularly with soap and water. Use only nonabrasive soaps. Do not place flower pots or any items on furniture that will leave stains. Do not place hot items on furniture to avoid melting. All hardware is stainless steel and virtually maintenance-free under normal conditions. However, in coastal areas, hardware will need regular rinsing with fresh water to eliminate rusting. For more information on proper care and maintenance of our outdoor poly furniture, click here.

Brands We Offer

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The Poly Process - Berlin Gardens

Have you ever wondered how Berlin Gardens poly furniture is made? Many of our customers are unaware that our furniture is made from 95% RECYCLED CONTENT, with the majority coming from post-consumer milk bottles and detergent containers collected in community recycling programs. Below is an overview of how a milk bottle is recycled and given new life as an Adirondack Chair, which will last a lifetime.
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